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My .files 🏡

Lint Dependabot Status

Just a personal backup of my MacBook Pro's setup. Certainly not a drop-in solution for anybody's machine except my own, but maybe a few lines will prove useful to you.

(...in other words, after stealing so many sick bash hacks from people on here who are much smarter than me, I felt obligated to keep the repo public. And in even more words, use the automated scripts at your own risk!)

All of the juicy stuff you're probably looking for is in zsh/aliases.zsh and zsh/functions.zsh for my ZSH hacks, macos/defaults.sh for my macOS defaults, and Brewfile for my far-too-long list of binaries and apps I "need" installed. My Firefox preferences and VS Code settings also live here. Also see my /uses page for more details.

Thanks for visiting, the exit is that way!

❤️ Jake


Designed for macOS, kinda works on Linux (requires ZSH to be installed first):

git clone --recurse-submodules https://github.com/jakejarvis/dotfiles.git ~/.dotfiles
cd ~/.dotfiles
bash install.sh


curl -sL jrvs.io/bootstrap | bash    # probably don't do this if you're not me


This project is distributed under the MIT license.