iTerm2 is a terminal emulator for Mac OS X that does amazing things.
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George Nachman e6d72e7478 Handle default double-click on titlebar action of maximize. Issue 9821 6 days ago
.github Add FUNDING.yml 1 year ago
.gitlab/issue_templates Add feature request, fix title of memory usage issue description 5 months ago
BetterFontPicker [BFP] Rebuild BetterFontPicker framework to try to fix crash from issue 9688 1 month ago
ColorPicker Rebuild colorpicker 2 months ago
Interfaces Disable beta/release switch on nightly builds and show a notice that you are stuck in the nightly channel. Add a tooltip to make the switch more searchable. Issue 5931 1 week ago
Media.xcassets Update 'nightly' and 'beta' icons (#447) 1 week ago
Model.xcdatamodeld/Model.xcdatamodel Add an index to lastUse on recent directories. If there are more than 1000, remove the older ones. 4 years ago
OtherResources Move image_decoder into Contents/MacOS. Issue 8625 2 years ago
Resources Update shell integration 1 month ago
SearchableComboListView Rebuild frameworks with xcode 12.2 beta 10 months ago
ShellLauncher Move shell launcher into its own binary to improve performance when using a custom shell 8 months ago
SignedArchive Fix a bunch of analyzer complaints. ARCify some files in the process. Fix a bug where the slow operation gateway ran the callback on the wrong thread. Fix some minor memory leaks. 12 months ago
ThirdParty Add support for subtitles in the minimal theme. Issue 6850 4 weeks ago
api/library/python/iterm2 [python] Bump version 1 week ago
iTerm2.xcodeproj Show bug indicator when debug logging is enabled. Suggested in issue 9580 4 weeks ago
iTerm2SandboxedWorker Decode images in XPC service. See PR 432. 7 months ago
iTerm2XCTests Fix golden tests. Use dark background and leave background color transparent 1 month ago
images Update 'nightly' and 'beta' icons (#447) 1 week ago
pidinfo Make pidinfo fork to get git state and terminate the child process if it takes too long, per the gitTimeout advanced pref. Issue 9640 3 months ago
plists Add support for iterm2 scheme. We recognize iterm2:///reveal?sessionid=w0t0p0.guid URLs. It shows the session. 1 week ago
proto Expose minimized sessions (i.e., siblings of a maximized session) to Python API. Add Tab.all_sessions which includes them. Fix EachSessionOnceMonitor to also affect minimized sessions (this may break things). Issue 9813 1 week ago
sources Handle default double-click on titlebar action of maximize. Issue 9821 6 days ago
submodules Update shell integration 1 month ago
tests Enable changing key bindings in profiles in Python API 3 weeks ago
tools Update shell integration 1 month ago
.gitignore Make third party packages buildable via the makefile. Build them all for ARM & x86. 1 year ago
.gitmodules Add iTerm2-shell-integration submodule. Update to pull from it. 1 month ago Create 7 months ago
LICENSE Place license in LICENSE file for a more standard location. Leae README.license behind to avoid breaking links 6 years ago
Makefile Use libgit2 instead of shelling out to git for the status bar git component. 7 months ago
README.license README.license 7 years ago Add xscode link 1 year ago
iTerm2.entitlements Remove various entitlements that are not needed 2 years ago
iTerm2.sdef Finish implementing Applescript auth 1 year ago
iTerm2SharedARC-Bridging-Header.h checkpoint 2 years ago
iTermMinimalComposerViewController.h Make composer use terminal's font. Issue 9458 6 months ago
iTermMinimalComposerViewController.m Make composer use terminal's font. Issue 9458 6 months ago
version.txt Move master to 3.4.x 1 year ago

This site hosts code for iTerm2.

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