A PHP bulletin board creatively titled Jake's Bulletin Board, circa 2003. (My first full coding project ever – complete with bugs and security holes and horrendous style!)
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A PHP4-based bulletin board creatively titled Jake's Bulletin Board. This was my first-ever full programming creation back in 2003 (if you couldn't tell) saved for posterity after being rescued from a dust-caked floppy disk.


If you're bored on a rainy day, potential activities could include:

  • Easiest code review you'll do in your entire career. (Or hardest, depending on your attitude.)
  • Hacking speed-runs to boost your infosec self-esteem.
  • Beating the world record for longest laugh, currently held by Mr. Belachew Girma of Ethiopia with 3 hours and 6 minutes.
  • Actually getting this to run in 2019.

Embarrassing Highlights

Who cares if somebody wants to delete a post with the ID "*" no matter the author? (delete_reply_submit.php)

  $query2 = "DELETE FROM jbb_replies
WHERE replyID ='$replyID'";
$result2 = mysql_query ($query2)
        or die ($query2); 

Sessions based on storing an auto-incremented user ID in a cookie. (login_submit.php)

$_SESSION["ck_userID"] = $user->userID;
$_SESSION["ck_username"] = $user->username;
$_SESSION["ck_groupID"] = $user->groupID;

Viewing a "private" message based solely on a sequential message ID. (pm_view.php)

$query1 = "SELECT * FROM jbb_pm WHERE pmID = '$pmID'";

Incredibly ambitious emoticon and BBCode support. I honestly can't begin to explain this logic. (functions.php)

$replacement = '<IMG SRC=images/emoticons/smile.gif>';
$replacement2 = '<IMG SRC=images/emoticons/bigsmile.gif>';
$replacement3 = '<IMG SRC=images/emoticons/frown.gif>';
$replacement4 = '<IMG SRC=images/emoticons/crying.gif>';
$replacement5 = '<IMG SRC=images/emoticons/blush.gif>';
// ... yada yada yada ...
$replacement21 = '<a href="';
$replacement22 = '">';
$replacement23 = '</a>';
$replacement24 = '<FONT COLOR="';
$replacement25 = '</FONT>';
$replacement26 = '<FONT SIZE="';
$replacement27 = '<BR>';

$topicval = str_replace(':)', $replacement, $topicval);
$topicval = str_replace(':D', $replacement2, $topicval);
$topicval = str_replace(':(', $replacement3, $topicval);
$topicval = str_replace(':crying:', $replacement4, $topicval);
$topicval = str_replace(':blush:', $replacement5, $topicval);
// you get the point...
$topicval = str_replace('[URL=', $replacement21, $topicval);
$topicval = str_replace(':]', $replacement22, $topicval);
$topicval = str_replace('[/URL]', $replacement23, $topicval);
$topicval = str_replace('[FONT COLOR=', $replacement24, $topicval);
$topicval = str_replace('[/FONT]', $replacement25, $topicval);
$topicval = str_replace('[FONT SIZE=', $replacement26, $topicval);
$topicval = str_replace('
', $replacement27, $topicval);

// repeated five more times throught the code...

Saving new passwords as plaintext — probably the least problematic problem. (register_submit.php)

$query = "INSERT INTO jbb_users (username, password, email, avatar) VALUES ('$username','$password','$email','images/avatars/noavatar.gif')";

I guess I gave up on counting $querys by ones... (functions.php)

while ($topic = mysql_fetch_object($result30)) {
    $query40 = "SELECT * FROM jbb_users WHERE userID = '$topic->userID'";
    $result20 = mysql_query($query40)
        or die ($query40);
    $query50 = "SELECT * FROM jbb_replies WHERE replyID = '$replyID'";
    $result50 = mysql_query($query50)
        or die ($query50);

    $reply = mysql_fetch_object($result50);

    $query60 = "SELECT * FROM jbb_users WHERE userID = '$reply->userID'";
    $result60 = mysql_query($query60)
        or die ($query60);

    $user = mysql_fetch_object($result60);

    $query7 = "SELECT * FROM jbb_topics WHERE userID = '$reply->userID'";
    $result7 = mysql_query($query7)
        or die ($query7);

    $query8 = "SELECT * FROM jbb_replies WHERE userID = '$reply->userID'";
    $result8 = mysql_query($query8)
        or die ($query8);

    $usertopics = mysql_numrows($result7);

    $userreplies = mysql_numrows($result8);





Do whatever the hell you want, it's not gonna work. 😉