A PHP bulletin board creatively titled Jake's Bulletin Board, circa 2003. (My first full coding project ever – complete with bugs and security holes and horrendous style!)
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echo "<TABLE BORDER=\"0\">
<FORM ACTION=\"index.php?act=register_submit\" METHOD=\"post\">
<TD ALIGN=\"center\" WIDTH=\"170\"><B>Username</B><BR>Max. 30 Chars.</TD>
<TD WIDTH=\"800\"><INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"username\" MAXLENGTH=\"30\" SIZE=\"60\">
<TD ALIGN=\"center\" WIDTH=\"170\"><B>Password</B><BR>Max 16 Chars.</TD>
<TD WIDTH=\"800\"><INPUT TYPE=\"password\" NAME=\"password\" MAXLENGTH=\"16\" SIZE=\"60\">
<TD ALIGN=\"center\" WIDTH=\"170\"><B>Email address</B><BR>This is where your confirmation is sent.</TD>
<TD WIDTH=\"800\"><INPUT TYPE=\"text\" NAME=\"email\" SIZE=\"60\">
<TD ALIGN=\"center\" COLSPAN=\"2\">";
include ('./conf.php');
$conn = mysql_connect ($sqlServer, $sqlUsername, $sqlPassword)
or die ("Could not connect to server $sqlServer");
mysql_select_db ($sqlDatabase, $conn)
or die ("Could not connect to database $sqlDatabase");
$query = "SELECT * FROM jbb_preferences";
$result = mysql_query ($query)
or die ($query);
while ($agreement = mysql_fetch_object($result)) {
echo "<CENTER>
<TEXTAREA ROWS=\"15\" COLS=\"55\">$agreement->aggrement</TEXTAREA><BR>
echo "</TABLE><BR><BR><CENTER>
<INPUT TYPE=\"submit\" value=\"I agree to these terms and would like to continue\" NAME=\"register_submit\">